Thursday, August 18, 2005

Day 2:
After a restful night we availed ourselves of the free
Continental breakfast.  We then drove on to
Fallingwater, our first stop of the day.  Designd by
Frank Lloyd Wright over a waterfall (hence the name),
Fallingwater is still as magnificent as the last time
I was here, about 8 years ago.  After Fallingwater we
went to Kentuck Knob, another Frank Lloyd Wright house
in the same area, albeit built 20 years later.  The
house is based on hexagons and triangles; there is not
a single right angle in the house. Its awesome.
Next up was the Creegan Animation factory, where they
make animatronic figures.  Sadly we weren't going to
make it in time, so we decided to go on to Columbus.
To make up for missing the factory, we decided to take
a side tour and visit the Longaberger Basket Company
headquarters, which is a building in the shape of a
basket.  I can't imagine what it would be like to go
to work in a basket.  Finally we ended up in Columbus,
at the house of my friend Angela.


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